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PURL SHAMPOO range – Kyron

PURL SHAMPOO range – Kyron
11 June 2020

What products are in the PURL SHAMPOO range? 

PURL SHAMPOO original – Luxury pearly shampoo with lanolin, for everyday use in dogs, cats and horses.  It will leave coats soft, lustrous and pleasant smelling.


*DE-TANGLING: Contains specialised conditioning actives and is specially formulaated for long-haired dogs and cats.  Neutral pH.

*HYPO-ALLERGENIC:  Mild, non-irritant “no-tears” shampoo with ingredients that will moisutrise the skin.  For dogs and cats with sensitive skins.  Colour and perfume free.

*ROSEMARY:  Contains triclosan and rosemary oil for a healthier, cleaner coat in dogs and cats.  Acts against bacteria commonly found on skin surfaces.  Helps reduce offensive skin odours.

*SHOW WHITE:  Contains advanced brightening activies (no bleach) that whiten, brighten and enhance the appearance of white-coated dogs and cats.

*TEA TREE:   This natural shampoo – for us in dogs only – contains Australian tea tree oil as well as lanolin and conditioners.  Tea tree oilis know to soothe insect bit area and for its insect-repelllent properties.

PURL FRESH FOAM:   A rinse-free foaming shampoo that convenietly cleans and freshens without water or stress.  Contains Aloe Vera to soothe skin.  Its special formula ceans and deodorises coats with no residue build up.