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SHOO-FLY – No FLY zone

SHOO-FLY – No FLY zone
11 June 2020

SHOO-FLY available both as an ointment and a spray, is a highly effective fly replellent, with instant know-down and a long-assting effect on flies (it also works against ticks and fleas).

SHOO-FLY SPRAY’S active ingredients include:

* Permethrin – residual and repellent effect, provididng long-lasting action.    * Esbiothrin – an instant-activng pyrethrooid, safe for dogs but, on contact, deadly to flies.  * Piperonly butoxide – enhances and strenthens the action of the other actives.

SHOO-FLY OINTMENT is a combination of these ingredients together with a sunscreen.  It effectively repels biting flies (Stomoxys calcitrans) on dogs.  One application of Shee-Fly Ointment can repel flies for days, though this does depend ono variables such as ambient temperatures and humidity.

FLY CONTROL CHECK LIST:  *Environmental Protection – keep the horse/dog environment clear of faeces, garbage and other rotting organic matter.  Manage high-risk areas so they don’t become a breeding ground for flies.    * On-animal Protection. SH00-FLY spray can be applied to animals, bedding and surrounding surfaces.  The Ointment is erfect for application to ears and around the facial area.  It is also convenient for application on smaller pets.  It is perfectly safe and is non-irritant, even on sensitive skins.