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Tick & Flea Warning

Tick & Flea Warning
11 June 2020


The summer months are “high season” for fleas and ticks, bringing with them all sorts of unpleasant, and even fatal, illnesses and diseases such as skin allergies, transmissions of tapeworms and roundworms, and not forgetting, the dreaded biliary.

Bloodsucking Parasites

Heres some scary information for you!!! For every flea you spot sucking the lifeblood out of a dog or cat, there are at least another 100 or so eggs and larvae, having dropped off the animal, that are hatching and growing in and around your home.

Often harder to spot than fleas, as they burrow into their hosts skin to feast, ticks are particulary fond of warm and dark places, such as your dogs ears. Usually found during the summer months. Especially in gardens with long grass and lots of brush, ticks hitch a ride on passing animals by injecting their powerful stinger into the animals skin, clinging on and gorging themselves on their hosts blood.

Let battle commence

To rid your pet, and your home of fleas, an integrated control program is necessary, as no one product can do the job by itself.  A combination of adulticides and growth inhiditors are recommended to break the fleas lifecycle, and prevent them from reproducing. Your pets bed and bedding will also need attention, to prevent the immature fleas from pupating and re-infesting the environment.

When it comes to ticks, prevention is very definately better than cure. As with products to eradicate fleas, there are a wide host of products on the market to help rid your pet of these unwanted bloodsuckers. Many of these products are registered for specific use, and should only be applied accordingly (i.e. Follow the instructions) and if in doubt, consult your veterinary surgeon

To avoid discomfort for both your pet, and your purse, keep your cat, your dog, and your home well protected with a combination of the products produced for the purpose, and available on the market. Once you have armed yourself with all your products, let battle commence!!!