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Ticks & Fleas

Ticks & Fleas
11 June 2020

* Only 5 percent of the flea population consist of the adult fleas we see hopping on and off your pets. The other 95 per cent are buried somewhere in your carpet, growing and laying yet more eggs

* A single female flea will ay up to 2000 eggs during her life

* The saying – “Big fleas have lesser fleas” – couldnt be more accurate. A single flea has been found it be host to 150 mites

* There are almost 2000 different types of fleas

* If a flea were a human, it would be capable of clearing a high-jump of 250 meters

* The ticks that prey on our pets are mainly the yellow dog tick (Haemaphysalis leachi) and the kennel tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus). Occasionally the bontlegged tick (Hyalomma), the glossy brown tick (Rhipicephalus sinus), the spinose ear tick (Otobius megnini) and the sourveld tick (Ixodes phiosus) are seen on dogs as well

* Ticks are responsible for three serious diseases, including biliary fever. The number of dogs severly affected by this diseas and requiring hospitalization is approximately 15 percent of cases diagnosed. Of these, around 12 percent will die.